Digital Art 1 and 2 Instructor: Beck Center for the Arts

This was a great experience for Alma because she had to find photography subjects for her students that were inside of the private arts conservatory. They took pictures of their shoes, the light fixtures, condensation on a drinking fountain, and even furniture. They stretched their imaginations to find pleasing composition at odd angles. Alma stretched herself creatively by limiting herself geographically.

Alma promoted, built curriculum for and instructed beginning and intermediate level digital art courses. Constructed curriculum for beginning and intermediate digital art classes (for 8-week and 16-week sessions). Curricula included two projects and many constructive evaluations, as well as discussion topics. Provided immediate support to computers within the digital art lab as well as troubleshooting various types of cameras (supplied by students).

The curricula for each pair of eight-week class sessions was broken in to four weeks of theory and immediate application and four weeks of project work. When students progressed from Digital Art 1 to Digital Art 2, they had the basics of photography and color theory and were able to apply them to moving images and video editing.


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