Atomic Learning Pilot Workgroup – Subject Matter Expert

In an effort to transition from on-ground training and support to online, self-paced training and support, Loyola University Chicago entertained working with several repositories of video tutorials. When it was time to begin a pilot of one service, Atomic Learning, Alma was integrated in to the core workgroup as a Subject Matter Expert on student use of online, video-based software support.

The group was charged with reviewing system strengths and limitations and assessing the impact of those limitations on our planned implementation of the system. Throughout the pilot Alma encouraged the student workers she supervises to use the system for individual enrichment and for the academic support of our clients. At the end of the defined pilot time the group gathered feedback from students, faculty and staff on their use of the online-learning system. After the survey was closed, Alma assessed quantitative response from survey of system users, coded qualitative responses and compiled survey results in an executive summary to guide higher-level leadership in decision to adopt the system.

After the adoption of Atomic Learning, Alma assisted in the development and implementation of comprehensive marketing schema to target students, faculty and staff via print and electronic media, events and organizations.

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