Digital Art 1 Curriculum

Curriculum developed for eight weeks of one-hour weekly class. Digital Art focused on the use of digital cameras, and photo editing software (Adobe Photoshop or the Gimp). As the term was split in to two 8-week sessions- the second being optional- there were two projects that students would complete by the end of the term.

The first project was a collage that would incorporate a story. The supporting lessons included photo theory and composition, navigating Photoshop and non-destructive editing techniques.

Week 1: Introductions. Photo theory and composition. Taking photos, camera operation.

Week 2: Navigating Photoshop. Using layers.

Week 3: Color theory. White balance. Photoshop color tools: Variations, Hue/Saturation.

Week 4: Incorporating a story. Altering photo composition in post.

Week 5: Integrating text in to the collage.

Week 6: How can a lack of order increase interest?

Week 7: Cartoon effects, layer effects.

Week 8: Photo publishing. Resolutions, file formats, compression and artifacts.

The second project was to design a music album cover, magazine cover, or a comic book cover. The supporting lessons included photo re-touching, stylistic adjustments, photo restoration and manipulation.

Week 1: Project selection. Red-eye/blemish removal tactics.

Week 2: Stylistic choices, monochrome photos, color toned photos.

Week 3: Dodge and burn tools. Re-touching a glamour photo.

Week 4: Photo restoration strategies.

Week 5: Photo manipulation, definition and tools.

Week 6: Photo blending strategies.

Week 7: Adding text, frames, other non-photo elements.

Week 8: Project completion, individualized support.

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