Production Assistant: Red {an orchestra}

After taking a course on multi-source video production, students in the Digital Video Communication program at Cleveland State University can volunteer as Production Assistants for live productions that the faculty and staff are involved with.

This one-day production took place in the Masonic Auditorium in Cleveland, it was a twelve-camera set up with several media trucks digitizing the output for a live performance within Second Life. The Ikegami cameras had long-throw zooms and crank focuses. Quite honestly, it was the most professional broadcast camera Alma have ever used.

In addition to the technical aspect of the day, there is something to be said for the cooperation that took place between several local Universities (Cleveland State University and Case Western Reserve University) and the New Media Consortium to organize the on-ground and the virtual components of the performance.

During the orchestra’s rehearsal, Alma was instructed to focus on the first chair violinist. During the break between mid-morning rehearsal and performance the producers placed a lipstick camera on her music stand. For the performance, she¬†was tasked with grabbing cutaway shots across the whole orchestra, following the score of the music.

For additional information on the concert and its operation, visit this article from the League of American Orchestras. For images of the Second Life Performances, The New Media Consortium has an album on Flickr for the event.

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