Luxury Seating Prep Crew (Game Day Staff)

Game Day Staff, Luxury Seating: Prep Crew (July 2004-August 2005)

During the 2004 and 2005 baseball seasons, Alma inspected the Luxury Seating fan areas and suites for maintenance, custodial, and supply issues before the start of each home game. She notified various departments of any action required in suites and restocked complimentary newspapers and magazines.  In the 2005 season, Alma delivered complimentary promotional items to the suites during game time.
Workplace Honors: Employee of the Month (Luxury Seating) July 2005

The day I met Bob Feller…

He was being honored with statue, fans received resin miniatures of them at the gates. I delivered these too. I opened up the suite I knew belonged to a VP and said hello. Then there was Bob Feller, he was so thrilled to see the boxes that he whipped a sharpie out of his pocket and asked how many I wanted him to sign. He was among the greater members of an already great generation. He may never have an autograph worth anything, because he’d sign any and everything he had the opportunity to, and that’s just another sign of how he was.

The day I met Drew Carey…

In the 2005 season, we distributed promos to all of the suites during the game. As a group, we would load and push carts of bobbleheads, magnets, keychains, plushes and more throughout the suites and party rooms. One day, in a dugout suite, I met Drew Carey. I almost didn’t recognize this hometown hero, his hair was down his forehead, he had no glasses. I don’t know if he was kidding about not golfing, but I hope he found some way of using the golf club cozy.

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