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Digital Media Services Student Advisor Training

In order to train the 30 to 50 students who work within Digital Media Services, the team of five permanent staff use a two-pronged approach with both online and in-person training. The in-person training can only happen once each year based on the needs of the University, but online training is accessible throughout the year, except when it is updated at the end of each summer.

This year, the team of supervisors elected expanded the breadth of the online training (created in Articulate Studio 13) and allow the depth of training to take place in the in-person training days in August and in training activities throughout the semester.

Alma was in charge of adding new information on student services, emergency procedures, as well as a comprehensive picture of where their position impacts the University and its departments as a whole. Alma researched these areas, collaborated with the team on what was worthwhile to include and assembled the information using engagements, videos, narration and quizzes. Alma also scripted, produced and edited a comprehensive set of situational videos and engagements illustrating positive customer service.

During our in person training Alma designed several activities for students to do which tied to the topics that were added to online training. These topics ranged from watching and discussing the FBI Active Shooter video, role playing customer service scenarios, and collaborative communication/storytelling games.