See below, Professional Development courses Alma has taken a part in.

  • GreenrThings – Branding and Development Exercise (12/26/2016) - Alma developed fictitious business GreenrThings as an exercise in creating branding and marketing materials. The business website features a blog and sample informational materials. Additional marketing and packaging materials will be featured here and on the GreenrThings website. -10-101
  • Adobe Education Trainer Credential (5/24/2016) - Alma completed the Adobe Education trainer course in May 2015, her final project was developing a sound lesson plan and resources which will introduce educators to the process of basic video production and editing. An “Adobe Education Trainer” is an […]
  • Adobe Generation Professional: Publishing (5/2/2016) - Alma completed and passed the 2015-2016 Adobe Generation Professional course in Publishing in April 2016. This five-week course empowers educators to create digital publications in a hands-on, collaborative experience. You will develop your understanding of digital publication design, including design […]
  • Workshop: Up and Running with Behance (2/1/2016) - This workshop, through the Adobe Educator Exchange, is focused on the basics of Behance. Behance is an Adobe platform for maintaining a Portfolio, displaying and getting feedback on works in progress, and collaborating with teams. Alma completed this workshop in […]
  • CurtinX: MKT1x Digital Branding and Engagement Honor Code Certificate (12/1/2015) - Completed CurtinX: MKT1x Digital Branding and Engagement with a passing grade of 95%. Certificates are still being generated and will be linked once it’s available. -10-101
  • W3Cx: HTML5.1x Honor Code Certificate (11/21/2015) - Completed HTML5.1x HTML5 Part 1: HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices with a passing grade of 83%. Certificates are still being generated and will be linked once it’s available. -10-101
  • HarvardX: HUM1.1x Honor Code Certificate (10/31/2015) - Completed HarvardX: HUM1.1x Making and Meaning in the Medieval Manuscript with a passing grade of 86% View certificate here. -10-101
  • BerkleeX: BMPR365x Honor Code Certificate (10/23/2015) - Completed BerkleeX: BMPR365x Vocal Recording Technology with a passing grade of 80%. View certificate here. -10-101
  • Kinetic Typography: Make Engaging Motion Graphics (9/13/2015) - Completed Kinetic Typography course on udemy. View certificate here. -10-101
  • MITx: 11.133x Honor Code Certificate (9/1/2015) - Completed MITx: 11.133x Implementation and Evaluation of Educational Technology, through week 3 of 5, with a passing grade. Subsequent weeks were reviewed after the course officially closed. View certificate here. -10-101