See below, the tasks and projects Alma completed while working at Oakton Community College.

  • Oakton Community College Tutor Training Development (8/20/2011) - In developing annual tutor training with her colleagues, Alma sought out different resources and even non-academic¬†approaches for inspiration. Many tutors in attendance would have had multiple years of training, so adding some variety to the training repertoire would be worthwhile. […]
  • Twelve Tech Tips, Sixty Minutes (7/20/2011) - This presentation was to be delivered at a start of school faculty and staff mini-conference. The slides pick twelve simple technology tools that can change the way you present ideas, save ideas, quiz yourself, and enrich yourself. Alma had highlighted […]
  • Oakton Community College Learning Center Website Maintenance (10/14/2010) - Alma met crucial deadlines on a regular basis to establish and maintain an up to date and well organized website for the OCC Learning Center. She posted staff schedules and regularly updated them for holidays, and added copy for special […]
  • Learning Specialist: Media-Based Academic Support (9/25/2010) - Oakton Community College: September 2010 – December 2011 Alma¬†supervised and scheduled tutors for all Foreign Languages, Computer Topics, Humanities and Social Sciences courses. She participated in a team with other supervisors in developing and implementing quarterly training activities for all […]