All Good Things: The Unheard Chad and Jeremy

In advance of the Chad and Jeremy Fall 2016 tour (their final full-length North American tour), the artists requested the ┬ácompilation an anthology on three CDs and forty-page photo book. Alma reviewed over fifty years of photos in cooperation with noted rock photographer, Gered Mankowitz, artists’ management, family and friends. Alma prepared the complete chronological layout for the book, covers and loose art card for a package featuring over 300 unseen photos.

When designing the visual elements for the CDs, Alma decided to dovetail with the rough era of the songs on each disc: the sixties being represented by the classic look of Ember Records, the eighties by Rocshire Records and the present by the style of their current record label, Electric Paintbox.
This Anthology is limited to 300 copies, Alma’s personal copy may be requested for review at in-person meetings.

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