Logo Redesign and Website Launch

The original logo and symbol for LilMarauder Productions played heavily on the “marauder” part of the name. However, increasing client work demanded a move towards a simpler, cleaner symbol which could feature in watermarks. Over the course of a month, Alma developed a new logo that was based on the slightly shattered look of the logo for 6th Floor Studios.

Alma also expanded the LilMarauder website from the few photo galleries it had been to something that provided a little more information about her experience, values and interests. Initially, Alma used a set of HTML5 and CSS3 templates, modifying them and and carving the elements in to chunks to be re-assembled using PHP.


Site Map:
The Home menu includes information about LilMarauder Productions, Alma’s mission, and this Curriculum Vitae.

The Galleries menu is where all of Alma’s photo and video galleries are, in addition, there are pages dedicated to specialty photography with sections on light field cameras and tilt-shift lenses.

6th Floor Studios is a work in progress, right now it’s a place where Alma collects articles and readings that are interesting but not generally applicable to work in media or in education.

The Projects menu is a portfolio of cohesively themed video and photography.

The Client Portal is a collection of private and protected galleries for clients to give feedback on photos and videos.

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