Can We Help You? Video for Loyola DMS

Annually, there are massive updates to the online training courses for the Digital Media Services student workers. While planning media to highlight the vast array of equipment available through the department’s Equipment Loan Program, the team of supervisors differed in their ideas for what the video in training should look like.

Alma created storyboards for the three video variations and shot the footage for all of the videos simultaneously. Then she edited the video to each of the storyboard specifications. The video below is meant to promote the use of the equipment loan program because of its equipment selection and the friendliness of the staff. While students are not supposed to remember the entire list of equipment pieces, they should walk away with the impression that we have just about anything they need.

Alma shot the video using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. She edited the footage using Adobe Premiere CS6 with titles from Adobe After Effects CS6.

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