Video Competencies Online Courses

October 2012 – May 2013, as Digital Media Specialist at Loyola University Chicago

Alma planned, developed and created a multi-tiered curriculum on Video Production. Using Articulate Studio 8, the short tutorials were made of powerpoints combined with narrative media and multimedia interactions and short assessments. Alma did have the assistance of several part-time staff, one was dedicated to the project for 10 hours per week for three months. A large part of the curriculum development involved teaching those who assisted with the development of the training media.

The first level covered the basics of the processes of identifying equipment, theory, production, post-production and sharing of digital-format video in 21 courses. Capstone activities encouraged the use of all previous course skills and the creation of a final short project.

The second level covered more intermediate and advanced use of Nonlinear Video Editors, including those timeline tools included in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and CSS and Apple Final Cut Pro X. This level contains over fifteen courses and relies heavily on screencast videos within the editing programs.

Plans for a third level to include Compositing and Authoring Tools, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Encore are pending staff availability. Similarly, plans for a theory-based set of courses exist.

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