Snell Wedding videos and DVD

Snell Wedding DVD Cover (Mockup)Alma had never shot video at a wedding before, so to be asked by her two close friends Courtney and Andy not only set a precedent, but it set goals at a very high level. Alma was present for much of their relationship, and she wanted to use this opportunity to show them how much they meant to her.

Alma used the video camera they received as a shower gift, so they could watch the footage and continue adding footage while on their honeymoon. This added an additional need for some speedy transferring of video during the reception, but Alma was able to give them the wonderful surprise of two short (snapshot) videos and a full DVD. Alma designed the DVD case to look like a feature film, complete with a plot, guided by the story of how they met and fell in love.

One video featured the ceremony, using music that was sung during it. The other video showcased the reception: cake cutting and first dances through to garter throws. The DVD included both of those snapshot videos and the entirety of the ceremony. The menu elements were all taken from the program: colors, fonts and chapter points, Alma drew on every detail, hopefully respecting all of the thought that had been put in to them originally.

After the project was done, Alma received this compliment from the bride, and she will always remember it

Wow, Alma. you really out-Alma-ed yourself!

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