Digital Media Specialist: Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago: December 2011 to September 2016

While working in Digital Media Services, under Loyola’s ITS department, there are many opportunities to reach out to students of all majors, faculty in all colleges and staff from all departments. By encouraging the use of digital media and technology, Alma feels that DMS encourages the development of a more well-rounded digital citizen in all members of the Loyola Community.

In addition to her regular duties, which are listed below, Alma has undertaken many other initiatives and projects detailed throughout this CV.

Alma’s regular duties as a Digital Media Specialist include

Administration of Equipment Loan Program

  • review of equipment items to ensure functionality and longevity
  • operate system, similar to a point-of-sale system, to facilitate loans directly and provide intense and ongoing training to student workers who also facilitate loans
  • assess late fines to students in breach of the comprehensive loan contract required at the initiation of all loans.
  • assess validity of appeals for late fines
  • review payments and compile budget reports for fines collected

Supervision of 40-60 student workers

  • build and review comprehensive training for student workers in preparation for beginning of fall semesters
  • interview, hire and on-board students both before and during academic semesters
  • provide ad-hoc on-site training opportunities for student workers, both to review existing policies and procedures or to roll out new procedures and policies.
  • answer questions regarding human resources needs, on-campus services and extant relationships between departments on campus
  • support creation of multi-campus, multi-location schedule for use throughout the academic semesters and break periods
  • participate in a three-week rotation of being “on-call” providing support to student workers’ scheduling and systems crises outside of traditional business hours.

Administration of on-site services within labs

  • provide secure and reliable access to computer workstations to alumni visitors to campus
  • provide training and resources to student workers to facilitate computer and equipment support to students faculty and staff
  • review daily operation of poster printing service and payments therefrom

Daily management of on-site labs

  • overseeing cross group maintenance of computers and printers
  • reviewing physical condition of lab spaces for facilities needs
  • conduct bi-annual deep cleaning of lab computers and furniture in addition to regular cleaning to ensure comfortable use by students faculty and staff.
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