University of Dallas Latin in Rome Program

Studying Latin in high school became a popular thing to do, the year after Alma started. She had the benefit of small classes and having the same classmates year after year. Alma found that she was interested in far more than declensions and conjugating, the similarities and differences in language and the culture all proved so compelling that she later got a BA in Linguistics and wrote numerous papers on psycholinguistics.

It makes sense then, that Alma would apply for a program like University of Dallas’s Latin in Rome. She was accepted and participated during the Summer of 2003. During three weeks in Rome, Alma studied Latin and earned an A in University of Dallas course CLL 1305: Latin Grammar Review.

About the Program

Our purpose is to stimulate students – to awaken an interest in the history, politics, art and architecture of Rome, while engaged in advanced study of Latin and the people who spoke it. Most of the places we visit will be the immediate subject of the tutorial sessions. In such a setting, grammar becomes a map to a familiar place, and vocabulary a newly discovered old friend. Above all, we strive to preserve what some have called a “dead language” in living minds. And, as you probably know, such study has always been thought to be the irreplaceable foundation of a truly liberal education.

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